Live Your Dream Course 1/4



What’s preventing you from realizing your deep dreams? Can I guess? Is it possible you are afraid of what will other people think?


I know that was the main obstacle in my case. What will other people think or say or do. The answer on this is actually very simple. It’s Who cares. Do you really want to feel pain all your life, just because you Assume others will think you are weird? Get real. It’s your life, not from those ‘Assumers’. It would be your pain not from the Assumers.


Who cares what others think


Also every humankind is born unique. The ‘money systems’ don’t like this fact so they want to make all people equal. Let’s equalize them, let’s teach them they are just so important as other people think they are. That’s a circle. à ‘’Everyone should think she/he is great if she/he does what other people appreciate.’’

I think this about you, and you think this about me. A never ending circle or a rat race!


The truth

Many of those Assumers think nothing about you, because they have their own obstacles and they are too afraid about the thought what Others think about them.

And yes there are some who will think you are weird.


They are defending their own habits which are nothing else then some main stream patterns. They of course can’t be weird. They are so equalized; they can’t open their eyes more than supposed to.

But you can!

You are the one, who will live dreams.

And the equalized people? Well, some of them will sooner or later start to appreciate your new habits. Why? They will admire your fresh style of living. They will get curios. And that’s all it takes. You are the one, who will help others make their inner world prettier. Congratulations 🙂




Mat no.1


Mat lives like we love to say: go with the flow. It’s the main flow we are talking about.

He wakes up early in the morning. In hurry he eats breakfast and drinks a cup of coffee. He spends another hour to get to work. Then he works till night and gets no joy while he works on tasks he doesn’t like and has no meaning with his dreams. He gets home tired and has to hurry up with other daily tasks like cleaning, do the laundry, paying bills, watch TV, cooking and then finally he falls asleep early to be prepared to the next working day again.


Mat 1 needs the job to earn money. You know, he needs to buy a house, so he probably needs to work even more and get the mortgage for the house. He admires watching TV in the evening and he loves to go out on Saturday evenings.


His greatest passion is 2 weeks holiday in the summer. 50 weeks working for 2 weeks holiday. It’s reasonable, huh. He doesn’t have fun at work of course. It’s a serious job, you know. It’s reasonable again.


Mat 1 feels this is not a life he planned to live years ago. But hey, he needs to live. However he somehow managed to feel depressed and overloaded (not easy to create… you need a lot of action for this). It’s reasonable indeed.


He deeply inside of him battles for surviving. He has no clue idea what to do. He only knows or think he knows there is something wrong. But what is wrong?

And if there is something wrong, what the hack he can do. What can he change?


Well, he is obviously in the point where the main decision has to be taken. He is on the edge. What do you think… should he jump into the new path or go back into the main stream?


If he decides to leave the main stream, he will become Mat no.2.


Who is Mat no.2?


Should be you. The king or the queen of your mind.


What is so special on this guy… well nothing if I don’t count that he has made a great decision to start following his dreams J


He still wakes up early in the morning like Mat 1. But most of the time he doesn’t need the alarm and he doesn’t need to hurry. He also prepares the morning breakfast, but he enjoys eating it and has much, much more time to do this. He doesn’t spend an hour to get to the job, because he works kind of job that doesn’t need transport most of the times. He loves the exciting work. And so he works what he loves most. It’s reasonable.


He doesn’t spend so much time for the job as Mat 1. That’s why he has more time for other daily ‘tasks’ (better to say excitements) and more time for family, friends and others in community.


Mat 2 recognized his dreams. He has learnt what to do to realize them. when he decided to change habits, he changed the path of his life. The main step was to know what his dreams are.


The main powerful decision was to set massive action towards changing habits that stopped him from living his desires. He went through his inside battles, but the decision to change the way of living was so powerful and has such a vast leverage that there was no way back to old life.


Set massive action to change habits


Mat 2 has left the go with the flow mode of living and has initialized the go with Your flow mode of living.


Mat no.3


If Mat 1 decides to do nothing, then obviously becomes Mat 3. Probably Mat 3 will never get enough leverage to change his way of living. He lives well enough. If he wouldn’t live so well, he would be forced to do something. But not Mat 3. He is to afraid.


He doesn’t want to think about the pain he could meet if he changes his habits. Stepping out of the frame of comfort life could bring some pain. But if we have the right approach, we get much more pleasure then pain. For Mat 3 future is more or less written and well known. He will never do anything unpredictable instead he will fulfill his life with the stuff that others expect. That should be his own family soon… and a permanent job till retirement. The extra value for his life would be a great career and an expensive 4 x 4 car. Isn’t this reasonable? We won’t learn much from this guy. But it’s ok to understand where we can lead our life if we won’t change anything.


Mat no.4


Mat 4 is like Mat 2 a few years later. Mat 4 has been living his dreams for quite a long time. He has learnt a lot about personal power, about being in control of his mind, about the need of the right mind focus, about simplifying (minimalizing) life, about personal naturalizing etc.

He went through knowing himself, changing his habits and rising his Personal Joy Grade (PJG) to sharing positivity to others (community and nature).