Live Your Dream – LYD


Living your Dreams. It’s a joke, right?

How dare you even think about getting on your own stream and do what you think it’s exciting. Listen to me. Get your ass to school, then find a job, create a family and be a good citizen. Don’t think you are smarter than me. Now get real, stop dreaming and get back to work!


How many times have you heard such negative ‘suggestions’?


I believe it’s not really supportive except if you want to prove the opposite and with such negativity you get even more motivation to follow your desires.


I presume you are far away from living your dreams (otherwise why would you read this J). Still if you find yourself quite close to what you have always thinking it’s your desire, you might find some fresh ideas how to move on, how to reach what you’ve always deserved.


At the beginning I’m going to introduce a person who lives by the book for the last 30 years. Let’s call it Mat no.1 😉

He lives like everyone expects he should live.


Then I will present you Mat no.2. He has reached the edge and has been forced to make a decision: To jump into a new way of living or to go back to a comfort zone.


I will lead you to Mat no.3 who has never done anything ‘too risky’ and till now he still lives like 10 years ago. And 20 years ago. And…
If you will like those guys or not and remain reading I will present you Mat no.4. He is my favorite.

He lives like his heart tells him.

And that’s not the end. He knows how to .. somehow.. communicate with the heart and that brings him some magical values.


Before I go on, I would like you to ask yourself a basic question.


Basic Question

What are your dreams and what stops you from living them?


It’s not the point If you read all the material found in the library, listen and watch hours and hours of great coaches but then do nothing. Sometimes it’s enough just a simple decision to start follow your dreams. You might don’t need to learn any techniques, or to apply what guru’s tell you.


A simple step, a simple habit transformation might be enough to completely change your present and future.

But first You must know Where are you going.


It sounds like goal settings. Relax, it doesn’t stink. You know how to set goals, don’t you? If not then the first step you need to do is to know What the goal is. If you know what is the goal, then you can encompass your way and start walking towards the goal. Otherwise the journey is a little bit confused (still possible, but need to understand what the journey is).


However if you don’t know what the goal is, then you can’t reach it. You can pray, you can try for million times, but while you are resting in your comfort zone there is no chance to reach that goal (ok, there are coincidences that prove the rule).


That’s why it’s so important to know The Dream.

You Must feel it.

You Must write it down.

Don’t make excuses on this. Every journey starts with the first step and so does Following your dreams. Don’t tell you will write it down tomorrow, because it’s easy and you can do it whenever. If it’s so easy then write it right know. Stop reading. Write.


You must know your Dream


I assume you have now 1000 words about your dream written on your PC and shared on your favorite social network. I’m exaggerating a little bit just because I really want from you to write down your dreams. This could be anything – try acting as a kid.


You can say, you want a swimming pool or an exciting 2 hours per day job. Or you might want to travel the world and still do exciting work. Or you might completely change the way you are living now – move from your parents house, become a writer and share love all over the world. Or whatever.


Write down your Dream


Why am I repeating you to write down and why do I want from you to really do it. You might guess it.

  1. If you asked yourself What your dream is, it’s nice. Nice, but not good enough.
  2. If you repeat asking you What your dream is, is even nicer. You get more answers and more quality answers. But still this is not good enough.


Am I tough or not 😉 .


  1. All those answers get an extra value when you write them.


When you write them, you get yourself more committed to follow them.

It becomes even more powerful if you share the list with others.


Don’t need to share it on social networks as I said before (your identity there could be read by inappropriate people), but you can share it with your truly friends or beloved.