Best procrastination tip ever – from zenhabits


One of things is to get the momentum. When I start to do a small task it’s getting easier and easier to avoid distractions. It’s like falling in love. I want to be there. I don’t need to switch off all my distractions (mails, social media accounts, TV, radio etc.) when I have the power to work on what’s important or has to be done.

Sometimes, of course, it’s not so simple. If I don’t like the tast or it looks like enormous one, I simply don’t get the drive. And then what?

I try to devide or simplify the big task into small little ones that are no problem to deal with. A small task only takes me a minute, and gives me the satisfaction of accomplishment. And If don’t have the will?

Sometimes a simple motivational quote can help. The other time I talk to a close friend. Or I take a look in my journal / planner to check how urgent this task is. It kicks my butt if it’s urgent …