Hey superstar 🙂

This is Mat VeniMat, a  Life explorer, Joy Reminder creator, writer and non-hero.




I live modestly in a wooden cabin – moving around (in Europe); I enjoy cycling, hiking and doing whatever excites me (my gush, wish this would be always true). 

I love sharing my experiences and wraping them in tips and ‘How’s’ posts…. Why? Every simple method I find is worth sharing in order to spread unconditional love my way of living around the globe. 

I walk on a life journey, with no destination. You are invited to join me. All together, we’ll accomplish a lot and together Build more fun along the way!

I am a regular guy (not a millionaire, super star, doctor or a guru) taking life as a journey and game (I prefer this metaphor). And what have I achieved? A bankruptcy, relationship ups and down, a meeting with close relation tragedy and that’s it, pretty much. That’s all it takes to say: ‘I have enough. I don’t want this anymore.’


And then what happened? I start changing the world – exploring my inner world and my behavior:

  • Start enjoying in reading books.
  • Start writing novel and blog (I would never think I will write one day).
  • Move in the bush (ok, it’s not as wild as it seems).
  • I start doing stuff that excites me (gardening exploring nature, mountain hiking, hanging with great friends).
  • The most important, I start enjoying in pattern improvements and old habits decluttering.
  • Just feel how it is to be a live, to be a human (that’s the new one)

But I didn’t tackle it all at once, and by learning from each previous success, I was able to achieve each new challenge I set before myself – and I love challenges.

I’m far from perfect; I keep failing all the time. But I don’t let it stop me. When I fall, I stand up again. Fall again, stand up again (I just change my standing up approach).


Can you improve yourself? Of course. There are no magic tricks, no special amount of dedication. Simple steps or techniques that I’m using daily can help you too. And guess what: I’m enjoying it. I believe you can enjoy it too.

At Joy Reminders I reflect simple ideas and tips for better life. It sounds easy but it is not easy to apply if you learn and change old habits by your own. That’s why I help you by reminding you and invite you to spend time in positive oriented communities.

The site features tips and authentic stories from me. You’ll find posts about happiness-joy, motivation, health, nature, personal never ending improvement, inspiration, love, relationships and other ‘getting out of struggling’ personal experiences.

This is not a site about religion. It’s about ideas and tips that make sense and make a huge improvement in your Better Life mission when applied.

I invite you to get involved on the site by commenting, sharing posts and do a voluntary mission for Joy Reminders FB page, blah, blah, blah …





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twit: @joyreminder

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