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I present you The List of Personal Development Blogs that I encountered while surfing the web (by googling, guest posting, in social media and by chance). Around 400 blogs are primarily ranked by domain name (in alphabetical order). As you will see, the table is downloadable and dynamic. That means you can sort by any column.


e.g. if you search for blogs that publish guest posts, click on ‘Guest post’ column to find fulfilled columns faster (many fields are not filled and probably won’t publish your post – wow, let me know if I missed something)


P.s. If you’re interested to see/analyze large sites only (ranked by traffic, Alexa or Google, I recommend to see top 100 blogs here).

A quick analysis shows there are far more female blog founders (almost 2/3 of all) than male. Congrats ladies! Maybe I just found such pattern that doesn`t reflect the truth. There are some issues that could be discussed.


F & M



Total known












The table is user-friendly. And it’s tricky hard to master. After seeing the table, you need to Pick and Read, Learn, Apply and Spread. 🙂

If you find it useful, I definitely recommend you download it and save it. (Otherwise you will forget where you saw it. You probably already know now: tomorrow is the first day to forget the past).

If you like reading posts, you might need this list after a while. It`s nice that you come here, but it`s better to save it on your computer (backups are always useful). Don’t forget to click on the top of the column to enable sorting.


EXPLANATIONS for some columns



In the Contact column you can find blogger’s e-mail (not an e-mail from quest bloggers) or a link to the contact form.

Social media

To me, socializing seems a good way of sharing pretty good contents and bloggers opinions/experiences with others. Yes, it’s only another way to spread a positive word and to direct those who don’t know where to seek.

I chose one social media to reflect socializing. You may find others as well and like them, follow the thumb, and then pay attention to get ‘notifications’ from them.


The founder might be active or not, they might have regular contributors or they publish many guest posts by random authors.

There are the sites where posts are written by lots of authors (like magazines, directories). I marked them with “lots” in the Author column. In the same column, if there is the number (1 or sometimes 2), it means there are 1 or 2 authors (99% founders).


A convenient info (not link) to blogger’s “About” page. Let the blogger introduce you the topics that are covered, why the blog was founded, what is its purpose, etc.


On some sites I found testimonials from readers or service users. If you have your own opinion, it might be a good test of your writing skills if you write a testimonial. Or if you are a blogger, and you wish to make contact this way, just go ahead.


I use this field to write my own opinions and remarks. You can do the same (just download the table).


e.g. for ‘funny blog’, main topic covered and interested to me, blog country, other non PD topics covered, non-active, UNcopyrighted blog (I simply love it to be UN… like unsquared).


Are you a first time PD BLOG READER?


I could recommend you some cool blogs, but I won’t. What has worked for me, probably won’t work for you. We all have different paths.

I believe the best way is to simply pick what suits you most (it might be the name of the founder). Don’t give up after reading 3 blogs. Go on. The sky is not the limit. Pick and read until you find “the lost stone”.


P.s. To avoid the forgetfulness make reminders. There is still place on the fridge. I know there is. I can see it. 🙂 Make reminders in your outlook or wall calendar. Do it wherever possible. They will remind you not to forget reading these blogs. Oh, and you can also subscribe to bloggers news, so that they will remind you themselves. Or write to them (write not spam). 🙂


KIT (as seen on)




Code of the link to the page with badge on your website:


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<a href=http://www.Be.JoyReminder.com/400-personal-development-blogs><img src=http://www.Be.JoyReminder.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/400-self-help-blogs-badge-small.png alt=”” /></a>


BE !


mat (at) joyreminder (dot) com (for creative feedbacks and incentive jokes)




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  • Easy for me to say thanks – but I can imagine what a lot of effort this must have taken to put together, Mat. Thanks for including my blog. 🙂 Wonderful labor of love – and a pretty awesome badge too! I see some names mentioned twice – does that mean they’re twice as awesome? ♥

  • Hmm. Need to look again. It’s my mistake if they are twice there. Thanks Vidya.

  • Hiya, what an extensive list! Great job. Thanks for including me, one amend – I’m on here with my old blog, managedevelopinspire.com, and I’ve now moved to ellenbard.com (helping you shine a little brighter in your work and life 🙂 ). I’d love it if you updated the list! FB https://www.facebook.com/ellen.bard twitter @ellenbard. Love to see people visit! I also look forward to plenty of new reading matter in the coming weeks!

    • Hi Ellen. So great and glad for your feedback. It’s updated now.

  • Stephanie Cook

    Mat – Thanks for including me in such an awesome group of like-minded people! xo

    • And THX to you, blogstar 🙂

  • This is quite the extensive list, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before. Glad to be a part of it. Will definitely be checking out some of the writers on here, I’m sure they’re amazing.

    • 🙂 nice to hear from you Ryan

  • Wow…Now this is what I call an elephant list. I really appreciate your effort on coming out with a long list of wonderful people. Thanks for adding my blog with all self-help buddies. You have a provided a library of motivational sources. I am glad to be a part of this inspiring group.

    • 🙂 elephant, hehe.. laugh 🙂 I couldn’t stop once I.. you know, I just go on and on. I could cover more topics, so there is still lot of space to create a list by specific themes. Yatin, rock on !

  • Patsie Smith

    Hey Mat congratulations! what an accomplishment, thank you, am honored to be included. Looking forward to seeing Joy Reminder fly with your free spirited life, and bring positivity and inspiration to more people. Best wishes! 🙂

    • Wihiii Patsie. Congrats to you that you are part of blogosphere. There is space to attract more bloggers .. hope, hope 🙂

  • Wow, looks like you have been busy, Mat! 🙂 Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive list!

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  • Irene Conlan

    What an amazing job. I can’t imagine how much time this monumental work took and I thank you for including The Self Improvement Blog.

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    Thanks for including Fightyourstress.com 🙂

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